Divine grip 50 ml

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Divine grip – grip on the basis of liquid magnesia.

It is produced in the Czech Republic and its production is environmentally friendly.

It is not a chemical, but a natural cosmetic product officially approved by the State Health Institute as 100% health-conscious. All components are made in the EU.

Divine grip is not tested on animals, the process of production as well as all ingredients are also suitable for vegans.

It is suitable for all pole dance levels. It provides sufficient support from your beginning to advanced combinations.

It is not made on wax basis thus after using your hands are not sticky and able stable grip as well as rotation during spins.

Divine grip belongs among magneziums with long tradition of usage for a wide range of sports, for example in pole dance, gymnastics, crossfit, mountaineering, golf or fitness. Moreover liquid form is more handy than powder one.




Made in: Czech Republic
Size: 50 ml
Ecologically friendly production: YES
Cosmetic product: YES
Tested on animals: NO
Suitable for vegans: YES